Wednesday, December 14, 2016

LSPR - Bali Workshop November 2016

     The London School of Public Relations Jakarta – Bali Workshop is an activity for LSPR student who want to learn about many things in order to study about communication and cultural differences. In November 2016, LSPR opened a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) workshop with 40 students and will be collaboration with 20 students from UiTM (Universiti Teknologi Mara) Malaysia.

    The Faculty of Communication and Media Studies of Universiti Teknologi Mara was established in 1972 with the cooperation of Ohio University and began as the first full-fledged School of Mass Communication in Malaysia. The faculty's curriculum offers a broad range of studies in journalism, public relations, broadcasting, advertising, publishing as well as liberal communication. Five programmes are offered at the bachelor's degree level and one programme at the diploma level (
    Bali Workshop was held at LSPR Bali in Denpasar from 26 November 2016 until 30 November 2016. It is not only do the workshop indoor, but also the students will be have a fun trip around Bali such as Ubud, Uluwatu, Jimbaran, etc.

     Bali has many local and international tourists, around Indonesia and the world, especially for young age (16-25 years old), because of the sea, beach, many places for hangout, swimming, and traditional places that not only for the tourist from abroad, but also the local Indonesian has to know more about their own traditions of culture there.

     I felt so satisfied about the CSR Bali workshop. It wasn’t only got an academic education but also the non-academic. CSR is very important especially for big company, so when we work later, we already know about how is the company helps public surrounding its office or any places in Indonesia that need to be better or have a negative issues. We also get to know about how to communicate with people abroad, not only for Malaysian people, but also another country. Working on a group with different people is also an interesting thing we will get.
    For the non-academic experienced, I felt so happy when we can had a fun trip with different people from different country, because I got so many unique and interesting thing that we have to know when we working with multi-national or international company.
    It was really beautiful to made a memories with other students from LSPR and UiTM. Thank you so much Professors and Lectures from LSPR and UiTM, also all the students from LSPR and UiTM. I really had a fun trip in education and vacation on LSPR - Bali Workshop November 2016. 
Here are several photos when we do the workshop:

Here is my short video about 5 days in Bali doing LSPR workshop with UiTM Malaysia:
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